Courtyard restoration required


Restoring the ancient fabric of our buildings, damaged by time, conditions and a lack of investment over many years, sits at the heart of LLH 450.

If the Lord Leycester is to survive as a national heritage treasure, our buildings must be fully conserved and protected for the future. At the same time, this restoration will ensure that a sustainable and affordable programme of maintenance can be introduced, and that the site becomes more environmentally friendly.

For seven centuries the Lord Leycester was important as a centre of civic life but time and lack of funds has
ravaged the fabric and allowed new and commercial projects to eclipse this gem. The Heritage of the Lord
Leycester sits in the shadows now but by collectively working together, we can fuse Heritage with modern life requirements we could have a dynamic and fully utilized community centre.

Scroll down to the gallery below to see areas that require restoration. 

(All photos on this page are by Paul Miller)

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Thanks to all National Lottery players
Thanks to all National Lottery players
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