Family drop-in activities

Join us for some of our drop-in seasonal activities aimed at families visiting the Lord Leycester.

All activities are free for ticketholders, but a small donation is advised.


2024 Activities Schedule –


Mother’s day – Sat 9th & Sun 10th of March

Card making inspired by flowers that grow in our gardens.

Shakespeare Week – Tues 19th- Sun 24th of March

How many Shakespearian insults do you know? Complete some educational resources in our School Room to celebrate Shakespeare Week.

Easter – Tues 26th March- Sun 7th of April

Up for a challenge? Find all of the eggs hidden in the Lord Leycester’s gardens this easter.

Earth Day – Sat 20th- Sun 21st April

To celebrate earth day this year we will be planting our own pelargonium flowers to take home and enjoying some earth day arts and crafts in the Master’s Garden.

St. George’s Day – Sat 20th- Tues 23rd April

Paper chain dragon making and shield decorating in celebration of St. George’s Day.

Oak Apple Day – Sat 25th – Wed 29th June

Learn about Oak Apple Day, a holiday traditionally celebrated here at the Lord Leycester.


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