Meet the Team

Dr Heidi L Meyer BSc MSc LLD (Hons)

The current Master is Dr. Heidi L Meyer LLD (Hon), MSc, BSC, a former British Army officer and first female to be appointed.

The Brethren

For over four centuries the Brethren have served their country surviving battle to come back to the Lord Leycester to a protected life within these ancient walls.  With a home and a monthly honorarium, the Brethren signed up to live by the Hospital’s way of communal living.

In 1571 the first twelve Brethren arrived and lived in partitions in the halls of the Lord Leycester. Today each Brother has his own apartment.  Over 450 Brethren have passed through these halls participating in a way of life that Queen Elizabeth 1 might recognize today!

The Brethren give guided tours today. You may find they bid you a friendly welcome as they wander past in their Elizabethan robes eager to tell you cherished tales of days gone by that bring our heritage site to life.


Sheila Bradshaw, Commercial Manager

Managing front of house, gift shop and events to include weddings, private hire, corporate hire, and booking guided tours.

Rufus Dent, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Delivering the marketing strategy and ensuring the smooth running of our social media pages.


Sam O’Hagan, Garden and Grounds Manager

Responsible for maintaining the gardens and grounds around the historic site.


Jodie McCarthy, Volunteer & Activities Coordinator

Assisting the audience engagement manager in the development and delivery of the events and education program.



Callum Price, Operations Assistant

Starting out as a volunteer in 2019, Callum now assists the whole team in ensuring the smooth operation of the site.


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