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Often confused with being a historical medical hospital, The Lord Leycester Hospital is named in accordance with the original meaning of the Elizabethan word ‘hospital’ - a place of hospitality and shelter. For more information on this, check out our history page!

Also known as the ‘Brothers’, they are ex-servicemen that reside at the Lord Leycester Hospital. The Lord Leycester Hospital has maintained the tradition of providing sanctuary for old soldiers for 450 years.

The Rules for who could become a Brother were laid down by Robert Dudley in the Rules and Ordinances Book. Previously, much emphasis was placed on providing homes to Elizabethan soldiers who had been wounded in war. See our history page for more info!

Yes and we have one Brother who currently lives here with his wife of many years.

Yes! Although we don’t have any women who are Brethren currently, we are really interested in ex-service women applying to be Brethren. We currently have a female Master who is retired military.

The Lord Leycester Hospital was founded in 1571 in buildings that were built primarily in the 14th century. The earliest building is the chapel that dates back to the 12th century.

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