Wayne Perkins, ‘The Medieval Graffiti in the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick’

Returning to the Lord Leycester after a years’ break are our ever-popular Smart Talks – a series of talks by learned academics, non-academics, and smart people across a variety of topics.


Tickets cost £15.00 per head which includes the presentation and drinks. 


This Smart Talk will run on a Friday and will take place in the chapel with drinks.

Wayne Perkins, ‘The Medieval Graffiti in the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick’:  Friday 21st June 2024, 6pm-7:30pm 

With its roots in the 12th century chapel of St James, the Lord Leycester Hospital is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a 14th century timbered building.


A preliminary survey by the author recorded a fascinating corpus of medieval and historic graffiti (including mason’s marks, compass-drawn circles and so-called ‘Marian’ marks, which will be discussed in this illustrated talk.


The talk will begin with a study of the corpus graffiti found in the Hospital, then expand the discussion to compare it with regional, national and international examples.


The study of medieval graffiti has been in the ascendant recently, with popular books published on the subject. These mainstream publications have helped to disseminate the new interpretative frameworks and ideas which are the culmination of the last thirty years of academic research into medieval inscriptions. The re-evaluation of medieval graffiti has revealed many more subtleties and diverse meanings than hitherto imagined.


Graffiti can span the entire medieval period but appears to enjoy a second peak between AD 1650 –1800, during the Early Medieval Period in Europe.


Finally, the survey also recorded a number of mysterious burn marks which have been upon many of the timber elements and this unusual phenomenon will also be discussed.


Drinks available throughout the evening

Please be aware that this event will take place in the Chapel, and is therefore inaccessible to wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.


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