exclusive use wedding venue in Warwick includes use of The Master's Garden shown here

Why choose an exclusive use wedding venue

Your wedding day is the most magical and memorable of days. It’s a day for joy, love, celebration and sharing with loved ones. By choosing an exclusive use venue you will ensure you get the privacy to celebrate in your way with only those you have invited and not need to worry about sharing your day with anyone other than those you love.

There are other benefits to choosing an exclusive use venue: not only will you gain privacy, but also the ability and flexibility to personalise your day to a greater extent.

How to personalise your wedding day

To personalise your wedding day consider all the small details as each element will add up to build a perfect reflection of you as a couple but first start by choosing a theme.

Having an overarching theme for your day will bring cohesion to all elements and ensure a consistent aesthetic to your day giving an elevated feel and creating a beautiful setting that perfectly reflects you as a couple.

Consider signposting your day for your guests.  At The Lord Leycester you will have access to all our rooms, so having a sign, decorated in keeping with your theme will let your guests not only know what to expect but also where to be and at what time.

Table and place settings are a great way to add a personal touch to your day. Remember to keep table centre pieces low or high to enable guests to chat comfortably across the table without restricted views.

Consider a signature cocktail or drink for your day, you can choose classic, understated, traditional cocktails or something more flamboyant, but be sure to pick something that reflects you and your tastes. Whichever you choose will have an impact and create a wonderful talking point for your guests.

Choose a venue with dedicated help.  Planning your day can be just as stressful as it is fun with so many decisions to make and elements to keep track of.  With this in mind choose a venue with a dedicated contact who is well connected with local suppliers and will save you hours of trawling the internet, plus they will give you peace of mind that your day will run smoothly, just as you planned it.

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