Mayor of Warwick launches the Pathway of Support campaign at the Lord Leycester

Mayor of Warwick launches Pathway of Support Campaign

On Monday the 29th of March, Terry Morris, the Mayor of Warwick, was the first person to donate a sponsored granite paver for the Lord Leycester’s new Pathway of Support fundraiser.

The Mayor said,” On this beautiful spring day I am pleased to launch the Pathway of Support at the Lord Leycester and I am proud to have Cllr Terry Morris, Mayor of Warwick 2020-2021 inscribed in stone for decades to come – hopefully my great great relatives will come to see it one day!”

The Pathway of Support is a way for Warwick community to contribute to the Lord Leycester fundraising campaign to raise one million pounds that will improve the Heritage of the site and the visitor experience …something that will benefit all of the Warwick community.

Mayor of Warwick - Terry Morris Mayor of Warwick – Terry Morris

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