Manuscript from late 19th Century found at one of Warwick's top visitor attractions during once in a century restoration project. Giving an insight into life in Great Britain through the centuries.

New manuscript find during restoration project at The Lord Leycester provides insight into life in late 19th Century

Duties of the Cook at the Lord Leycester – an insight into life in the late 19th Century.

Historical finds continue to provide a fascinating insight into the history of The Lord Leycester and those who have lived within our walls through the centuries. As a working philanthropic organisation, The Lord Leycester has been home to over 400 men throughout the years and this work continues to this day. Providing a place of safe refuge and brotherhood to the men who live here, known as The Brethren.

A beautiful manuscript outlining the Duties of the Cook were found in our archives during our restoration work. The document dates back over 130 years to 1887, during the time of Herbert Hill as Master of The Lord Leycester, and on the reverse are written amendments made in 1903 under the Mastership of Canon Toovey.

The document reads as follows (amendments and changes between the two lists shown in bold)



TO go first thing in the morning to make the beds light the fires and sweep the rooms of such of the Brethren as may from time to time be required by order of the Master

TO be in the kitchen from 10 till 1 o’clock in the day to attend to the cooking of the Brethren’s dinners Dinner has been extended one hour from 10-12pm to 10-1pm.

IT is to be at her own option whether she has anyone to interfere with the cooking

TO have the dinner of the Brethren ready by 1 o’clock if so desired, the Brethren or their wives being there to take them away (Dinner is an hour later and the phrase “if so desired” has been added).

TO keep the fire up in the kitchen and to cook any other article during the course of the daytime that may be required

TO help in the kitchen at the Master’s house on special occasions, if required, after the Brethren’s dinners are served

TO attend to the boiling of the Tea Kettles and to keep them clean

NOT to allow wet linen to be dried at the Kitchen fire

TO wash the stairs and passages down once a week

TO wash out the floor of the Chapel once a week (New duty)

NOT to use or allow to be used the Kitchen fuel in any of the Brethren’s rooms

TO be allowed the use of small coal for the purpose of washing the Kitchen linen and her own and husband’s clothes

NOT to allow any of the Brethren’s wives to wash with her or any slop buckets to be brought into or washed in the kitchen

TO attend any of the Brethren or their wives that may be taken ill until they procure a person to do so (for a couple of days)

TO be respectful to the Master and Brethren and their wives

TO devote her whole time to the duties of her situation and obey all reasonable commands

TO be liable to dismissal by the Master without notice in case of disobedience or misconduct of a gross kind (New duty)

ALL complaints or causes of dispute to be made to the Master with whom the appointment and discharge of the Cook rests


The amendments were signed:

Henry Toovey M.A.

Master of the Leycester’s Hospital

Warwick 24th January 1903

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