Students at the Lord Leycester

In June 2019, we have had three students working with us at the Lord Leycester on a variety of projects.

Georgia Wilkes, 1st year Ancient History and Classical Archaeology student, University of Warwick – “I work on the interpretation of key historical artefacts within the collection at the hospital with focus on researching and producing much of the signage that can be seen across the Lord Leycester, including the Wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth I, the Saxon Chair and the weaponry collection in the Guildhall “

Tatiana Dent, 3rd year History of Art student, University of Edinburgh – “I have been curating an art exhibition entitled The Lord Leycester: A Retrospective, showing works from the private collection never before publicly displayed. Highlights include an Elizabethan oil painting of Robert Dudley, Victorian watercolours of the buildings by Royal Academy exhibitors, and a William Morris tapestry!”

Samuel Gayler, Year 11 student, Warwick High School – “GCSE Student- I work on cataloguing and researching the artefacts at the Hospital, including the Will of Robert Dudley and the padlocked inkwell.”

If you are interested in a work experience at the Lord Leycester please contact us on

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